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The Brickeys
The Brickey line is my maternal line.

Generation 1 : Velma W. Brickey : b) 26 August 1940 Beedeville Arkansas m) Richard Lyle Stafford : b) 26 October 1939 Ottawa County, Grand Haven, Michigan.

Generation 2 : Farris Coleman Brickey b) 1 Jan. 1904 Calico Rock, Ar. d) June 1978 Sercy, Ar. m) Ruby Inez Richeson b) 4 Jan 1918 Tupelo, Ar d) 4 Feb 1996

Generation 3 : Hamilton Brickey (aka James Hamilton Brickey) b) 1856 Ar d) 1919 Ar m) Matilda (Tilde) Brewer

Generation 4 : Preston B. Brickey b) 1817-1820 Virginia d) 23 Aug. 1862 of wounds rec'd in Civil War near Tupelo, Ms. m) m. Hester. Preston is buried near Tupelo, Ms. and Hester is buried near Calico Rock, AR.

Generation 5: James (Jarrett) Brickey was born about 1797 in Russell Co., VA He died about 1850 in Van Buren County, AR.
James married Lydia Vicars about 1816 in Russell Co, VA.

Generation 6: John Brickey was born Abt. 1758 in Westmoreland County, VA

Generation 7: Jared (Jarrett) Brickey was born 1738 in Westmoreland Co, VA. He died 7 Oct 1790 in Bedford Co, VA and was buried in Bedford Co, VA. Jared married Elizabeth Burkholder about 1784. Elizabeth was born about 1738 in Westmoreland Co, VA. She died before 1807.

Generation 8: Peter Brickey was born about 1715 in Westmoreland Co, VA. He died 16 Sep 1786 in Westmoreland Co, VA.
Peter married Winifred Lucas, daughter of Charles Lucas and Temperance Smith about 1737 in Westmoreland Co, VA. Winifred was born about 1718 in Westmoreland Co, VA.

Generation 9 : John Brickey (Jean Briquet) Birth: 1640-1649 in Artois/Rheim, *Spain [now France] Death: 1718 in Westmoreland County, VA Marriage 1 Alce (Alice or Elsie) Crabbe b: in Artois, France

List of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors National Huguenot Society Jean Briquet Anglicization John Brickey is found on this list.

Orginal spelling was Bricquet in Spain (Now France). According to a family bible and the story there of the immigration of the our ancestors as told in the center pages in 1815, John Brickey came from France with his wife about the year 1680. John Brickey (Jean Bricquet) was a devout French Huguenot, and gave up his forturne and escaped to England rather than become Catholic.

*1640 The region of Artois passes from Austria to Spain

1659 The region of Artois passes from Spain to France