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Uploaded Joshua Stafford's Revolutionary War service records in Virgina. This was such an exciting find.
Added Brickey information back to the site.
Added back The Hon Lady Dorothy and Sir William Stafford side by side ancestry. I have not added individual pages back as of this date.

Welcome to the Stafford Family Genealogy Web Site. This has become a one name obsession but I have been adding more surname information from the piles of data on my computer. Right now I am looking for connections to Texas relatives and Georgia relatives, I have created a facebook link on the upper left the left that will send you to my Stafford Connections Facebook Page. Please leave me information there if you are connected to our Georgia or Texas relatives.
Don't know where to start? Find us in the family tree on the Starz website for the series The White Queen! Awesome! Or follow the Stafford bloodline back into mythological times through the links at the left.

Shakespeare and my Ancestors by Neil Stafford is wonderful and The Stafford's in The Colorado County Texas Feud is pretty entertaining reading.

Other surnames included onsite: Brickey, Brazil, Bush, Collinsworth, Elkins, Hassett, Rae and Richeson. You can access them through these links.

  Featured Ancestors:

Joshua Stafford Revolutionary War Soldier

Robert Stafford Revolutionary War Soldier

Church Edward Stafford 3rd Duke of Buckingham

The Hon. Lady Dorothy Stafford

Ship William Stafford Stafford Immigrant Ancestor

2nd Duke of Buckingham Henry Stafford 2nd Duke of Buckingham

Generation 1 : Me Rebecca Lynn Stafford

Generation 2 : Richard Lyle Stafford : b) 26 October 1939 , Michigan

Generation 3 : William Valentine Stafford : b) 15 November 1900 Wharton County, Texas d) 6 September 1992 Ottawa County, Michigan

Generation 4 : Valentine Bleu Stafford : b) 31 August 1870 Texas d) after 1930 Texas

Generation 5 : Robert Frederick Stafford : b) 30 August 1834 Mt. Pleasant, Screven County, Georgia d) before 1926 Texas

Generation 6 : James Stafford : b) 1812 Wayne County Georgia d) before 1880 Georgia

Generation 7 : Robert Stafford : b) abt. 1755-1769 Barnwell Dist. South Carolina d) 1829 Wayne County, Georgia

Generation 8 : Joshua Stafford : b) abt. 1725 Beaufort County, North Carolina d) 20 August 1794 Screven County, Georgia

Generation 9 : John Stafford : b) abt. 1669 York County Virginia d) 1733/5 Bath District, Beaufort, North Carolina

Generation 10 : William Stafford : b) abt. 1641 Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, Virginia d) 1700 York of Stafford, Virginia

Generation 11 : William Stafford : Chr) 09 Sep 1604 Warwickshire England) d) abt. 1655 Elizabeth Town, North Carolina

Generation 12 : Sir William Stafford : b) 1554 Grafton England d) 1612 Grafton England

Generation 13 : Sir William Stafford : "Of Grafton" d) 1556 m1) Mary Boleyn 1528 m2) 1545 Hon. Lady Dorothy Stafford

Follow the lines of Sir William and The Hon. Lady Dorothy Stafford back to the same ancestor here, they are are distant cousins. Sir William being of the cadet line of the family and The Hon Lady Dorothy being a decendant of the main line. She is listed in the Plantagenet Roll Of the Blood Royal. partial image here. Click image to see the full page.
Dorothy Stafford Plantagenet
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